HP_오피스젯_7110 잉크젯프린터 + 고품질무한잉크
44,000 원
제조사/제품기능 HP / 프린터
월간권장사용량 3,000매
용지SIZE A3 A4
잉크/토너 지급 고품질 잉크 무료공급
출력속도 35 PPM
해상도 4800 x 1200DPI
추천장소 각종 사무실, 어린이집
A/S 무료출장 A/S
결재방법 렌탈료 선불 및 CMS이체
계약기간 보증금 없음 (계약기간2년)


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2019.02.27 17:25:12 (*.80.150.115)

Nike’s SB Dunk model has been going strong for  Fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer 15 years, and now it’s time to celebrate. As a homage to the silhouette’s legacy, the Swoos h has been reintroducing some of its earlier models in high-top form, and this time around, Gino Iannucci’s perforated iteration from 2012 gets the modern makeover.


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2019.02.27 17:26:31 (*.80.150.115)
On this commemorative Nike SB Dunk model you’ll find Replica Supreme Air Force 1 perforated leather paneling in addition to suede throughout the entire upper. Black and Dark Blue serve as the colors of choice for Iannucci, as he mentions that “I just wanted to use colors I knew I’d actually wear.”
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